The 200 Club

The Pump House Project runs a 200 Club lottery, where you as a friend of TPHP can purchase a monthly share at £5 each, and each calendar month, during our Coffee Morning, 40% is returned in the form of cash prizes:

  • 1st prize is £240
  • 2nd prize is £100
  • 3rd prize is £60

A 200 Club lottery, is a lawful and fun way of raising money for small not-for-profit clubs that exist to promote 'good causes'.

How it works: You decide if you would like to purchase one or any number of shares, each share will cost £5. This you will pay by monthly standing order. For every share you purchase, TPHP will allocate you a share number, and on the first Wednesday every month, all the share numbers will be included in a draw, made by a computerised Random Number Generator.

The share number allocated to you will remain 'your' number for as long as you participate, which we hope will be many years. Anybody aged 16 and over can play, and prizes can be 'gifted' should you wish your winnings to be paid to your Grandchildren, Parents, etc. Winners will be advised by email, and a cheque will be made out immediately.

Rules apply and will be included in our newsletters, also on our Web and Facebook pages, they will also be on display within The Pump House Project building.

Note: The prize values will depend on the number of shares sold, we have calculated that within a short period of time 200 shares will have been sold. If initially we have not reached that figure the cash prizes will be less, and if or when we have sold more than 200, the prizes will be more.

For more information, please speak to our Project Co-ordinator or any of our trustees, or if you prefer you may contact the 200 Club administrator at:

Your support is greatly appreciated.  Good luck!

The rules

  1. The purpose of the 200 Club is to raise funds for The Pump House Project.
  2. The 200 Club will be administered by TPHP Trustees at no cost.
  3. The winning numbers will be selected by a computerised random number generator.
  4. 40% of the total monthly subscriptions will be returned, paid out in the form of cash prizes.
  5. Three prizes will be drawn, first prize set at 60%, second prize 25% and the third prize at 15% of the prize allocation fund. This fund will vary dependent on the number of shares sold.
  6. Membership for the 200 Club will be open to anybody aged 16 or over.
  7. Participants are entitled to hold any number of shares. These can be 'gifted' i.e. to Friends or Family members.
  8. The number of shares in the 200 Club shall be unlimited and each share shall be allocated a unique number.
  9. All shares purchased in a calendar month will be included in the next month's draw, which will take place at our regular coffee morning on the 1st Wednesday of each calendar month.
  10. The subscription for each share is €5. Multiple shares can be purchased.
  11. All participants must pay monthly in advance by cheque, standing order or electronic transfer.
  12. The results will be posted on our website and in our Newsletter. Winners will be advised by phone or email.
  13. The winners' cheques will be sent out to the last known address held by TPHP. It is the responsibility of the member to advise us of any change of address. Any prize cheque not cashed within 6 months will be deemed a donation to TPHP.
  14. TPHP will not pay a prize to any participant other than the purchaser of a winning share or the name of the person/s you nominate as a gift recipient.
  15. No member will be included in the draw if their monthly subscription has not been received. It is the responsibility of each member to make sure they have paid their subscription. TPHP reserves the right to reallocate any number where payment has not been received.
  16. Any decision by TPHP to end the 200 Club will be by one month's notice to all members.
  17. Under no circumstances can subscriptions be refunded.
  18. TPHP co-ordinator will in the first instance determine any dispute. An appeal may be made to the Trustees, whose decision shall be final.
  19. The Lottery is intended to be a Small Society Lottery under the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005.
  20. TPHP may amend or vary the rules of the 200 Club at any time. These rules will be available on TPHP website and on display within our building.

Your support is really appreciated. Good Luck!