Become a Trustee

1 July 2022


Our Vision:

We are a place where all residents are welcomed, and have the opportunity to become active members of the community for their own benefit and those around them. TPHP is be a vital ingredient in unlocking potential across a range of social and economic dimensions of life in Faringdon and surrounding villages and is known as a centre that people of every demographic can approach to both support their wellbeing, as well as help develop the confidence and skills to take the next step in life.”

Our Mission Statement:

The Pump House Project responds to the needs of the community by facilitating relevant, purposeful activities in a safe and supportive environment, with the aim of improving quality of life/enriching lives and creating strong community cohesion. 

If you are a local resident of Faringdon, or live in one of the surrounding villages we would like to think that you will have heard of ‘The Pump House Project’ or may even be an active friend of ours already.  For those of you that don’t know us, we would like to tell you a little more about TPHP and why we do what we do.

Established in 2013 we were particularly honoured to receive The Queens Award for Voluntary Services in June 2017 for ‘excellence in voluntary activities within the community’.

Based in Faringdon’s Old Theatre, The Pump House Project is a totally unique local Community Charity running a weekly timetable of varied activities, groups, events and clubs for the whole community.  A hub to the ever growing population of Faringdon we are a completely self-funding organisation which is recognised and supported by businesses and individuals alike.

​The Project strives to continuously create a versatile and vibrant, multi-purpose activity centre for the town and surrounding villages.  It is an all-year-round facility, which endeavours to engage with groups and individuals from all sectors of the community with relevant, affordable and inclusive access.

In this post-COVID world with the changes in financial surety for many we have reviewed our Strategic Direction and will be focusing on a number of key areas:

  • Mental Health/Wellbeing
  • Community Cohesion
  • Environmental
  • Internal Strengthening

The latter is where we need your involvement : our current trustees are looking to increase their number , their breadth of interests and their professional strengths.

Becoming a Trustee is a fantastic way to give something back to a cause you care about.  You will play an integral part in the community and the way that the Charity is run, ensuring that we remain sustainable and financially viable.  You don’t need to have experience in any particular field but life experience and a commitment to the community is a must!  Being a Trustee does not require much of your time however if you have time to spare we would welcome it!

If you are interested in finding out more or to send us a introductory document outlining who you are, your strengths and how you feel your involvement would benefit The Pump House Project and in turn, the local area then please contact Sarah Stoves, Project Manager on 07739464129 or via email